David Cassidy Sha-Na-Na

David Cassidy, Sha Na Na, David Frost

The singing idol of the bubble gum set, David Cassidy, is live in our studio to talk about what it's like to be a sex symbol (to the younger set) and he talks about his career past, present, and future.
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Playboy Political Activism

Playboy, Political Activism

The head of the bunny regime, Hugh Hefner, takes us on a tour of the West Coast Playboy Mansion. He then comes back east and appears live on the show to discuss his empire and how it grew.
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Marriage with Sly and Kathy Stone

Marriage with Sly & Kathy Stone

This show revolved around the theme of marriage. We talk to then newlyweds, Sly and Kathy Stone (of Sly and the Family Stone) and show films of their marriage extravaganza at Madison Square Garden. Clifford and Edith Irving come on...
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Hard Rockers Hard Drugs

Hard Rockers, Hard Drugs

Geraldo Rivera hosts Good Night America episode 3 to talk about the 60's and years of hard drugs, hard rockers, and overdoses..
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Marijuana Amnesty for Deserters

Marijuana, Amnesty for Deserters?

Marijuana is it really harmful or should it be legalized? Geraldo looks into this question with the help of such experts as Keith Stroup, head of N.O.R.M.L., a doctor who advocates its legalization and a doctor who thinks it's too...
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Prostitution Beautiful People

Prostitution, Beautiful People

Geraldo Rivera hosts Good Night America Episode 1 about the pros and cons of prostitution.
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Beatles History

Beatles History

Good Night America Pilot featuring The Beatles, a Carole King concert, Cesar Chavez in studio.
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Willowbrook the Last Great Disgrace

Willowbrook The Last Great Disgrace

Investigative reporter Geraldo Rivera's exposé documentary of the Willowbrook State School. The exposé revealed gruesome conditions and neglected mentally disabled children.
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