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One of the media’s most enduring broadcasters, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist, Geraldo Rivera is a former Fox News Senior Correspondent and host of breaking news specials, the “Geraldo Rivera Reports.” He was a former rotating co-host on the Fox News Channel’s hit program, The Five, and provides regular reports and commentary on multiple shows and networks.


For over 50 years, Geraldo has informed, inspired, and enraged audiences with the truth, and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Explore his latest appearances below.

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Geraldo Rivera 40th Anniversary

Geraldo Rivera 40th Anniversary

Geraldo celebrates 40 years in TV, watch to see him spoofed and celebrated on a...
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1000 Miles of Bad Road

1000 Miles of Bad Road

This Fox News Special aired on 03/20/2004. In it, Geraldo reports from Iraq on the...
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Beyond the Glitz

Beyond the Glitz

"Hi everybody and welcome to our show, without further ado I would like you to...
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Klub Kidz 92

Klub Kidz ’92

"Hi everybody and welcome to the program. Now don't touch that dial because in just...
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Celebrity Addicts Come Clean

Celebrity Addicts Come Clean

This show talks about stars using and abusing prescriptions drugs, and when they come clean.
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Mystery of Al Capones Vault

Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault

What, if anything, is in the vault of notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone? Buried beneath...
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Over 50 Years as a Crusader and Correspondent

Geraldo has been on the frontlines in both war and peace. His reporting and commentary have informed and enraged for a lifetime.

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He never backs down. Fearless, kick ass reporting and commentary. Geraldo is a seasoned pro who brings his signature style to every assignment. Check out his thought-provoking reporting, lively debates, and his unique perspective on the world, far and near.

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