Doping of a Nation

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Doping of a Nation

This special report aired on December 2nd, 1986, on 163 TV stations. It was seen by more than 15 million viewers and at the time was the fifth-highest rated syndicated special in TV history. It portrays a number of drug busts across the nation, showing the war on drugs in full force.

American Vice — Doping of a Nation

“2,000 times a day, every day across America, cops like these prepare to bust another suspected pusher.  Just one strategy in the escalating war on drugs.  Sometime during the course of this live program, you’ll be a witness as a pusher goes down for the count.  You want to know how easy it is to buy drugs?  See this sleazy looking pusher working the street?  Well he’s really an undercover cop out to make buyers beware.  You buy from him you get busted.  We’ll see what happens, live.  While in South Florida, a heavily armed convoy like this one is on the move following a secret rap, its cargo, confiscated cocaine.  Over 50 million dollars worth captured by the cops.  And tonight slated for destruction in the incinerator.”

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