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  • Jew-Rican XMas

    Dealing with how we celebrated the Holiday Season when I was growing up was just the most obvious symbol of our struggle to find ourselves religiously. We were half-breeds and both halves represented strong identities. Dad was not only a practicing Catholic when he met and courted my Jewish mom; he was a lay deacon in the Catholic Church. While he nominally converted to marry mom at City Hall, he never really shed his Catholic identity.

    It didn’t really matter when we lived in New York’s Lower East Side or later when we moved to Williamsburg Brooklyn. Both those neighborhoods had huge Jewish and Puerto Rican communities. We didn’t have to pick a lane. It was easy to identify with either side because there was plenty of each...

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"Geraldo's Laws"

  • A father's name on every birth certificate
  • If you dress like a thug, people are going to treat you like a thug
  • Parents must teach kids obey authority
  • Police must also be trained -- no deadly force unless vital to save lives
  • Tasers Not Tanks
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December 20th Point Of View

My gut is filled with fury at the execution of the two NYPD officers. This was premeditated murder; an assasination of two innocent cops with families who were just doing their job. Hopefully we've caught or killed the perps. Now every person who protested against alleged police violence has to ask themselves, protestor and official alike, did something I did or said help lead to this? Did I add to the swirl of anti-police hatred that led this scumbag to commit an act of terror? Those photographed screaming in cops faces or those leaders who enabled this vitriol to fester, how do you feel about your rhetoric and your mis-directed fury? Two cops are dead, what will those leaders and protestors do now?