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    The rage and surprise expressed by reporters and commentators in Washington and Bogota` last Thursday at the official report that U.S. government agents partied hardy with prostitutes in Colombia reminded me most of Inspector Renault in the classic film ‘Casablanca’.
    When Bogart’s café owner Rick asks the Inspector, a morally ambiguous character, why he’s shutting down Rick’s Cafe, the Inspector says “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” as he is pocketing his winnings for the night.
    I don’t mean to suggest that the critics ever used the services of the ladies of the night but to point out that prostitution in Colombia is as much a surprise as the palm trees and fabulous beaches.
    Everybody who has ever been to the lovely Spanish-Colonial-era port cities of Barranqilla or Cartegena knows they have Red Light Districts that are well-established with take-out a service associated with all important hotels. Like Bangkok Thaila...

January 2005

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