• Bravo Mr. President

    Bravo Mr. President for having the courage or political will or for doing the hard cold political calculation finally to do the right thing for five million undocumented, but otherwise law-abiding immigrants.Those immigrants who have been here for more than five years, have citizen children, are willing to pay their fair share of taxes and are willing to register for criminal background checks will be able to stay. They can come out of the shadows and live free of the fear of being wrenched away from their families...

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    Jan 24, 2014

    Squeezed In The Middle

    Watching New Jersey Governor Chris Christie twisting in the breeze, and reading a beaten down President Obama’s interview in the current New Yorker magazine, I am reminded of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's caution that in politics as in life, "standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides."

    The governor and the...

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    Feb 07, 2014

    Smack Is Back, Blame The Pot Prohibition

    With scores of suburban kids dying of heroin overdoses in recent months in relatively upscale communities like Ocean County, New Jersey, it was just a matter of time before a high-profile celebrity like 46-year old, Oscar-winning actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman joined the ranks of previous celebrity junkies like Lenny Bruce, Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Heath Ledger in...

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    Jan 17, 2014

    Friendly Fire

    For the last 12 years I have been haunted by a slanderous hatchet job by a left-wing public radio reporter who worked at the time for the Baltimore Sun. David Folkenflik's December 2001 story essentially accused me of pretending to witness an incident of friendly fire in Afghanistan. As I explained in an on-the-air apology to my audience and via satellite phone from Tora Bora to Folkenflik himself...

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    Jan 10, 2014

    The Trouble Between Chris & George

    Living on the Hudson River in the shadow of the graceful George Washington Bridge a half mile from where I’m writing this note, the scandal threatening to cripple and consume the political career of Republican Governor Chris Christie literally hits close to home. Like gun rights in Texas and Alaska or real estate prices in California and Florida, traffic on the George is part of countless North...

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    Dec 20, 2013

    The Blockade

    Fidel Castro sucks; so does his brother Raúl, his successor as ruthless, human rights trampling Cuban dictator. There, I got that out of the way, so don’t hyperventilate for a minute and give me a chance to explain why I think it was perfectly appropriate, indeed smart, of the president to shake Raúl Castro’s hand at the Nelson Mandela memorial services in rainy South Africa this past Tuesd...

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    Dec 06, 2013

    Tiempo Malo

    Jose Cuevas Rivera always picks us up when our family arrives at San Juan Airport. Muscular, confident and energetic, he looks like the professional fisherman he was as a younger man. Actually, with his shaved head, big tattooed arms, pierced ears and ready smile, he looks like a professional wrestler or a Puerto Rican ‘Mr. Clean’.

    Aside from taking care of our place, since givin...

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    Nov 22, 2013

    It Is Still The Hoodie

    George Zimmerman had not even been booked on the latest domestic violence allegations when an avalanche of angry tweets and Facebook postings, literally hundreds of them, crushed my computer. The scolding messages were essentially the same.

    ‘See, we told you he was a murderous creep, how do you feel now about defending him?’ ‘Was his girlfriend wearing a hoodie? Is that why he ...

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    Nov 15, 2013

    Detouring Around Never Ever

    Desperate to change the subject from the implosion of his healthcare bomb, President Obama has been meeting with religious and business leaders, urging them to lobby their local legislators to pass immigration reform. But he's preaching to the choir. Like the minister or priest who exhorts the faithful, his real target should be the sinner on the sidewalk outside the church. The 'sinners' when i...

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    Nov 08, 2013

    Remembering The Mean Streets

    They came in behind me in the narrow alcove between the street entrance and the locked door that led into the four-story walkup apartment on East 7th Street between Avenues C and D. It was the late 1960’s and this part of the Lower East Side of Manhattan aka Alphabet City was notorious as a festering cesspool of drug addicts and violent crime.

    Further west, toward the numbered avenu...

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    Nov 01, 2013

    El Hermano Mayor

    To say that institutional trust is fragile between the U.S. and Latin America is to understate the undeniable. Even before the world ever heard of NSA spying, after decades of armed intervention and engineered coups, most Latin nations did not trust the American behemoth as far they could throw the Empire State building.

    Historically, the distrust has been fueled by envy, anti-Yanqui ...

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    Oct 25, 2013

    Grass Is Greener In Uruguay

    The dramatic scene in the skies over the Venezuelan jungle is more familiar in neighboring Colombia and Bolivia than in the nation ruled until March 2013 by the late-flamboyant anti-American president Hugo Chavez. A fighter jet, either one of the Bolivarian (Venezuelan) Armed Forces' Russian-built Sukhol or one of its U.S.-built F-16 aircraft shooting down two light planes allegedly smuggling dru...

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    Sep 27, 2013

    Mr. Cruz Goes To Washington

    He is sharp and charismatic, with the flash and bang of a stick of dynamite. But Senator Ted Cruz just blew up in the face of the Republican Party. Here is my take on this week’s Cruz-missile explosion and why it could seriously impact the Republican Party’s aspiration to retake the White House.

    The Cuban-American junior senator from Texas’ epic 21-hour rant against Obamacare r...

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    Sep 06, 2013

    Not THis Time. Not In Syria.

    There was a specific moment in 2003 when I suspended disbelief and decided to back the president as he beat the drums for war in Iraq. My decision to go along with George W. Bush, which I deeply regret, was made despite deep-seated personal skepticism that Saddam Hussein really had and intended to use Weapons of Mass Destruction. The fact that moderate senators like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry ...

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    Jul 26, 2013

    A Bad Idea

    It seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course the time was 2:30 Sunday morning, and one of my hard-learned life rules is that nothing good happens at that hour of the deep dark night, especially after a couple of tequila shots, except sweet dreams and maybe an intimate snuggle. Our little house in Edgewater New Jersey with the spectacular view of Manhattan across the Hudson River was quiet, ev...

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    Jul 19, 2013

    White Hispanic Yellow Journalism

    Of all the spin leading up to the dramatic but not unexpected acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin, nothing was as disingenuous as the accused being identified as a "white Hispanic." Whether it was created in a feeble attempt to continue the narrative of a white racist preying on a defenseless black teenager, it is clumsy, counter-productive and inaccurate.


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    Jul 12, 2013

    Immigration's Stacked Deck

    They held an emotional two and a half hour therapy session in the basement of the Capitol Wednesday morning, scores of them, and almost all angry old white guy career politicians from safe Congressional districts that apparently could care less about the fact there may never be another Republican president. Led by Representative Steve King of Iowa who has mocked and marginalized his own party lead...

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    Jun 21, 2013

    Dark & Stormy

    The phrase, 'It was a dark and stormy night' was originally an example of a badly written cliche. Now Dark and Stormy is an expression mostly used to describe a drink made with Gosling's rum and ginger beer.

    While I confess drinking several during the just completed Marion to Bermuda Race for Cruising Sailboats, actual dark and stormy nights at sea were in short supply during the 660 ...

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    May 31, 2013

    Politics Is Not Fantasy

    There is a scene in The Lord of the Rings where my favorite character, the aging, battle-weary Théoden, King of Rohan is confronted with a profound dilemma.

    Determined to honor his ancient oath and ride to the rescue of his ally the besieged nation of Gondor, he is told that his forces are insufficient to defeat the enemy, evil Mordor.

    “No. We can not. But we will mee...

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    May 17, 2013

    "Send Them All Back!"

    A nice crowd of about 600 gathered at the Gulfstream Race Track near Ft. Lauderdale Wednesday night to hear me speak. Drawn by a promotion by my local radio affiliate, 850 WTFL, they were fans. Indeed many were intimately familiar with my decades of work on television. Transplanted New Yorkers who relocated to the Sunshine State to avoid winter and high taxes, many had followed me since the Eyewit...

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    May 10, 2013

    The Yauco Monster

    The initial reports of the crime was hideous and unbelievable, three teenage sex slaves held shackled and imprisoned apparently by three grubby, seedy, horribly abusive middle-aged brothers. The kidnapping and decade-long captivity of those young women in a boarded up hell house in Cleveland is bad enough. How could they rob those girls of their freedom, their youth and this substantial hunk of th...

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    May 03, 2013

    Mad Mayor Mike

    Critics allege, and statistics confirm, that the vast majority of those frisked are young men of color. But those statistics make clear that the vast majority of those saved by the policy are also young minorities. "About 90% of our murder victims in our city are black or Latino," said the mayor.

    His smoldering anger barely contained, and with uncharacteristically blunt, harsh languag...

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    Apr 26, 2013

    Banning Manchurian Candidates

    The 11 million undocumented living among us cannot get a break. Two weeks ago, they were bursting with optimism, freedom beckoned, liberation from their tense, sometimes terrifying existence hiding in shadows dodging immigration authorities. Then, almost before the ink was dry on the press release announcing the "Gang of Eight’s" long-awaited compromise to legalize their status and let the sunsh...

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    Apr 19, 2013

    A Bad Week

    The week started ugly, with Monday's Boston Marathon massacre. Things didn't get much better. Just as the airwaves filled with those heart-wrenching images of torn and bleeding runners and spectators and conflicting reports about whether they had a suspect in custody, we got news of the U.S. Capitol being evacuated in the face of an onslaught of poison pen letters to the president and key senators...

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    Apr 12, 2013

    Tourism Is Not Terrorism

    Media-wise it was like the return of Elian Gonzalez or an electronic Bay of Pigs. From editorial obscurity Cuba had been hurled back onto the front pages of the world's newspapers and newscasts by Beyonce and Jay-Z, media's royal couple. Even Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt could never have roiled the treacherous waters of U.S./Cuban relations like the pop stars did with their just concluded Fifth An...

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    Mar 15, 2013

    Viva El Papa Francisco

    The roots of Catholicism run deep under the Rivera family tree. One of seventeen children, my father Cruz (like my second son) is named for the cross. Dad was a deacon in the Catholic Church. My sister Irene was a parochial school principal and later a superintendant of diocesan schools on Long Island. And during my youth, my father's side of our vast family was universally Catholic. I bring up m...

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    Mar 01, 2013

    Sequestering Immigration Reform

    It is as subtle as the meat cleaver or blunt axe the president has been complaining about in his negotiations with Republicans over sequestration, those blind, mandatory budget cuts that begin today. In what seems a bold, blatantly political move, Immigration and Custom's Enforcement (ICE) has released hundreds of illegal immigrants from detention. ICE claims it did that because it fears not havin...

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    Feb 22, 2013

    If I Run (Part Two)

    "If the election for United States Senator were being held today and the candidates in New Jersey were Cory Booker the Democrat and Geraldo Rivera the Republican… Republicans back Rivera 54-23 percent over Booker."

    Since I did beat Booker among registered Republicans, that could have been the headline of the Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday February 21, 2013.

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    Feb 15, 2013

    As The Whole World Watched

    The positive identification Thursday of the killer ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner's burned remains ends one of Southern California's most terrifying crime sprees. Matched by dental records, Dorner's charred corpse had been removed the day before from the ashes of a mountain cabin where a furious shootout, the final chapter of this bizarre drama played out in a hail of gunfire and flames. That it ...

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    Feb 01, 2013

    If I run

    A lot will happen between now and the elections of November 2014. But let's just say the stars align and my colleagues at Fox News and Cumulus Media let me run as a Republican for the United States senate seat from New Jersey, my home since 1989.

    A year and a half from now, my probable opponent would be either the admirable five term incumbent 89-year old Senator Frank Lautenberg or t...

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    Jan 25, 2013

    Calling All Women Warriors

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has lifted the ban on women serving in combat. The president applauded the seminal event; pairing it with another recent landmark, the repeal of the ban on gays in the military. The president saying, quote, "Today, every American can be proud that our military will grow even stronger, with our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters playing a greater role in protecting...

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    Jan 11, 2013

    Forget Me Not

    The massacre of the youngsters of Sandy Hook Elementary School was a kick in the guts. Coming on the cusp of Christmas, just as families were gathering for the holiday, the mindless slaughter in Newtown Connecticut filled us with fear, outrage and the determination to do something to change America's culture of violence. Suddenly nothing else matters nearly as much as gun control; not the fiscal c...

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    Nov 30, 2012

    Too Little Too Late

    What does it say about the GOP's outreach to the Latino community that the two distinguished members who finally bucked their party's noxious anti-immigration sentiment have only days left in their Senate careers?

    Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas and John Kyle of Arizona have represented their border states since Bill Clinton was president. The senior female Republican, Senator Hutchins...

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    Nov 23, 2012

    The Unholy War

    Growing up the son of a Puerto Rican Catholic father and a Jewish mother was often theologically confusing. But the confusion ended when it came to Israel. Zionist to the core I would die for the Jewish homeland. Like most Jews of a certain age, the notion of a world without an impregnable fortress/sanctuary for the often victimized Jewish race is intolerable. Never again.

    But that do...

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    Nov 16, 2012

    How The Mighty Have Fallen

    I met General David Petraeus on a dusty, oppressively hot day outside of Baghdad in March 2003. Our forces had invaded Iraq and were swiftly closing on Saddam's capital city. Hussein's once vaunted army was collapsing, but there was sporadic resistance, snipers and so forth, and the oppressive heat remained a formidable enemy, making any physical activity, including war fighting arduous.

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    Oct 26, 2012

    Put Up Or Shut Up

    This is it, the most important election of our era. Either government is the problem or part of the solution. That is the ideological big picture. But there is something else going on.

    Given the nation's changing demographic realty, this may be the last time race will not be the defining characteristic of most voters. Even now 60+% of Governor Romney voters will be white, 75+% of Pre...

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    Oct 12, 2012

    It Ain't Over Til It's Over

    With Baltimore on the verge of elimination, it was wrenching to switch the channel from the Yankee/Oriole fourth playoff game, but duty called; and truth be told the Vice-Presidential debate had its own October drama. And in that regard it was clear that Alex Rodriquez is to Barack Obama, what Raul Ibanez is to Joe Biden. Just like the journeyman Ibanez pitch-hit for the woeful A-Rod in game three...

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    Sep 14, 2012

    Hungry In The Hood

    Going to my radio show studio in the dull light of morning, I often pass St. Francis of Assisi Church on West 31st Street, a half block from my office above Penn Station.

    Only recently feeling the tide of gentrification lifting adjacent, hipper neighborhoods, the church floats in what was the notorious 'Tenderloin' district -- a sea of hookers, pimps, alkies and bruisers on the near W...

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    Aug 24, 2012

    Does The GOP Really Want Latino Support

    Kris Kobach is an affable, Harvard, Yale and Oxford educated 46-year old law professor who may single-handedly be costing Mitt Romney and the Republicans the White House.

    Since 2010, Mr. Kobach has been the Kansas Secretary of State, a position not generally thought of as a launch pad for national notoriety. His prominence (or infamy) comes from the fact that this highly educated scho...

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    Aug 17, 2012

    Why Not Me

    I’m borrowing the title of Al Franken’s fictional campaign autobiography to ask the Presidential Debate Commission why I or other Latino journalist was not asked to moderate one of the debates. With due respect to those chosen, while the job is challenging, it is not rocket science.

    Most big-league journalists including Latinos have the skill set required to enable, facilitate and...

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    Jul 06, 2012

    Holy City, Unholy Wars

    From my perch here on the fourth floor of Jerusalem's historic King David Hotel, I'm looking out over this ancient city holy to the three great religions that share Abraham in common. I'm looking down at the Jaffa Gate, one of seven entrances into the Old City cut through the 500 year old wall built by the Turks when this was part of the Ottoman Empire. The sand-colored stone wall surrounding this...

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    Jun 29, 2012

    Legislative Vandalism

    Let me begin with a quote from a conservative Republican concerning his treatment by Democrats on Capitol Hill.

    "This is a circus. It's a national disgrace. And from my standpoint, as a black American, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to a...

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    Jun 22, 2012

    Bravo Obama

    It was probably a cold political calculation. I can see the president cloistered with his crack team of political advisers, whispering about how Republican senator Marco Rubio was about to do something President Obama and the Democrats have been unable to do, pass at least a watered down version of the DREAM Act.

    The president: "Maybe we should let Rubio do his thing, then the Republi...

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    Jun 15, 2012

    Stop, Frisk, But Don't Bully

    Stop, Frisk, but Don’t Bully"Just as I came out of the subway at 116th Street and Lexington Avenue, I saw my son being frisked by these two cops," the mom of a 21-year old, college bound, black high school student recounted her own deeply emotional experience with New York's controversial Stop-and-Frisk program.

    "I ran over yelling, 'keep your hands off my boy!' I almost got myself ...

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    May 11, 2012

    Prep School Jungle

    Doesn't everybody have a gay bashing bully story from high school? That is when casual cruelty is at its peak in otherwise normal youngsters; when we practice marginal truancy, toss beer cans out the window of speeding cars, utter snide remarks, snap bra straps, make prank calls to the fire department and persecute outsiders.

    Choosing to remember my gay bullying story in heroic terms,...

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    May 04, 2012

    Alleged Illegals

    Cable news and talk radio are making a killing demonizing undocumented immigrants. In terms of ratings, few issues resonate as reliably. Since the fiery period 2006-2008 when Congress first seriously contemplated rational immigration reform under the leadership of senators John McCain (R-Az) ((yes, that John McCain)) and the late Ted Kennedy (D-Ma), but then ran from the issue in the face of furio...

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    Feb 24, 2012

    Mean Streets Meet Stop & Frisk

    I took an emotional ride on the time machine Saturday night in the city, a flashback to the days when New York's ghetto life pulsed with anger, resentment and a feeling that change was in the air. The event that stirred up the old memories honored the late author and poet Piri Thomas at el Museo Del Barrio. Piri died last year in California after a long career that took him from hard-core, thug i...

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    Jan 27, 2012

    Not Out Here In Bushwick

    Jose from Brooklyn stunned me with his call to the radio show. "Puerto Ricans are citizens, what do we care about immigration," he asked disdainfully?

    I had been on one of my broadcast rants about the need to have compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform when I took his call. Expecting a Kumbaya moment from a supportive brother calling the show from the hood, instead his remar...

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    Jan 20, 2012

    Costa Concordia

    Having run aground literally scores of times in dozens of countries over the last half century, I know that mistakes happen at sea. But aside from the old days, before electronic navigation made sailing safely a no brainer, every time I’ve hit bottom since has been because I wasn’t paying attention to where my vessel was at the time; or, importantly, I was in a state of altered consciousness (...

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    Jan 13, 2012

    Joran Meet Justice

    Justice was delayed, but not denied and Joran Van der Sloot will spend a 28-year hunk of his remaining adult life in a harsh prison in the high Andes Mountains of Peru. Able to evade justice for the murder of 18-year old Natalee Holloway during the Alabama teen's senior high school trip to Aruba in 2005, the hulking, degenerate, pimp and gambler, will instead go to prison for murdering a 21-year o...

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    Jan 13, 2012

    Su Padre Es De Mexico!

    Who Knew?

    Mitt Romney's father, former Michigan governor George Romney was born in Mexico. That's shocking right? Even though the story has apparently been out there for months, I never heard it. What is even more shocking is that the admission came from the virulently anti-illegal immigration presidential candidate himself. Perhaps in an effort to beat to the punch an investigative r...

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    Jan 13, 2012

    Are You Threatening Me

    Sitting at the bar in Paolo's Restaurant at 92nd Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan Saturday afternoon, December 10th, I was shocked by the tone the conversation with my old ABC News colleague Lowell Bergman had taken. He was heading to London and had urgently requested that we get together before his afternoon flight from JFK.

    I remembered Lowell as a brave, competent, but hug...

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    Jan 06, 2012

    Presidential Arithmetic

    Trust me on this, everything the Republicans are doing to select a candidate is meaningless. Barack Obama is the once and future president. The reason is arithmetic. Ask Karl Rove. The demographic makeup of the nation requires the GOP to win at least 35% of the burgeoning Hispanic vote. Right now, if they're lucky, they're on course to match John McCain's paltry 29%. And if the candidates keep up ...

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    Dec 16, 2011

    War Dog

    For someone who considers himself a patriot, as I do, it is extremely difficult not to rally behind a president when he beats the drums of war. So it has always been. We can disagree about domestic policy, but when the nation’s leader says we are threatened from abroad, the majority of Americans suspends misgivings or even gnawing disbelief and gives the man in the Oval Office the benefit of th...

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    Dec 09, 2011

    Bold But Dopey

    "Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works. So they literally have no habit of showing up on Monday. They have no habit of staying all day. They have no habit of 'I do this and you give me cash' unless it's illegal." Newt Gingrich in Iowa, 12/1/11, defending earlier remarks at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard th...

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    Dec 02, 2011

    Fist Bumps & The Gingrich Surge

    Eric Bolling and I fist-bumped when we ran into each other in the news room Wednesday morning. As always with the smiling, stylish businessman and broadcaster it was friendly.

    Still, I had to vent.

    "I felt like jumping through the TV screen when I watched you yesterday on "The Five," I told my Fox News friend and colleague.

    "Why?" his expression asked.

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    Nov 18, 2011

    Buy A House, Get A Visa!

    It is not exactly an invitation to "the wretched refuse of your teeming shore" or the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Nor should "the homeless," and "tempest-tossed" also mentioned in Emma Lazarus' epic Statue of Liberty poem feel welcome.

    But a new bipartisan bill proposing an immigrant visa to those willing to buy homes in America deserves consideration. That is, if our d...

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    Nov 11, 2011

    The Civil Majority

    What goes around has come around in Arizona. Russell Pearce, the chief architect of SB1070, the Grand Canyon State's mean-spirited, ill-conceived, provably self-defeating anti-immigration legislation has been driven from office.

    So anti-immigration hard-liners beware. Harsh and divisive immigration scapegoating will not be tolerated by voters. The immigrant punching bag will hit back....

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    Oct 07, 2011

    Not So Sweet Home Alabama

    "It's not the same Birmingham, Alabama," the black driver said proudly as we passed the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. We were speaking about how far the city and state once automatically associated with Jim Crow racism has evolved since the September 13, 1963 bombing of the landmark church by members of the local KKK.

    The perpetrators of that hideous crime deliberately ignited thei...

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    Sep 23, 2011

    We The People

    My friend and lawyer Leo Kayser III invariably carries a small, frayed copy of the U.S. Constitution around in his inside jacket pocket. At the slightest provocation, he whips out his little black book and brandishes it overhead as if he was William Jennings Bryant, who Leo sort of resembles; (short, prominent belly, bald, bad ideas well-argued). Then, peering over the top of his glasses, L...

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    Aug 26, 2011

    High Rise Anxiety

    Covering hurricanes is usually like covering War-Lite. There is peril, drama, heartbreak and high adventure, but the inherent risks are hugely reduced by the fact no one is shooting at you.

    And there are no big picture surprises. At a certain point you know you’re either going to get hit or missed, because no other natural drama unfolds with such slow-motion predictability. You can...

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    Aug 26, 2011

    Anthony Reports To Parole officer

    Fox News can report exclusively that Casey Anthony has reported to probation today; according to her lead defense counsel Jose Baez. In a telephone conversation with me this evening Mr. Baez would only describe the location of the probation office as being "somewhere in the State of Florida;" the exact location will be kept secret to "everyone but her specific parole officer," according to Mr. Ba...

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    Aug 12, 2011

    Bring Them Home

    The most powerful military unit ever assembled, we watched the 101st Airborne Division march off to war early in 2010. All four brigades went to Afghanistan for a year-long deployment just completed; 24,000 of our best combat troops, all descendants of the legendary World War II heroes of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.

    On the bright summer day their new commanding officer, Majo...

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    Aug 05, 2011

    Race & The Debt Ceiling

    Geraldo At Large
    Race and the Debt Ceiling
    The deep dark secret underlying the Kamikaze debate over the debt ceiling is that it is as much about race as it is about competing political philosophies. The nation is roughly divided in half; the have's that pay taxes and have not's who do not. Most of the have's are white; most of the have not's are not. When the have's say they...

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    Jul 15, 2011


    It is deeply unsettling how so many are lumping the lawyer with the bad news. "The jury made the right call, period. Anyone who took the time to review the evidence would have made the same decision,"

    Jose Baez told me Wednesday night. Enduring the severe backlash cascading from the shocking Casey Anthony acquittal, the 42-year old New York-born Puerto Rican attorney is in the midst o...

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    Jul 08, 2011

    Not Guilty

    Acquitted child killer Casey Anthony will be a free woman next week, according to court officials; free to hopefully disappear until the sharpest public animosity has eased.

    Right now, the crowd outside the Orange County Florida Courthouse is in a foul mood. Not only are they filled with anger at Casey, but also at anyone connected to her dramatically successful defense.


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    Jun 24, 2011

    Sailing To Orlando

    For the past week, the world has been off my radar screen; literally. The only things on my sailboat's radar screen have been the bright green blips occasionally indicating other vessels within the 16 mile sweep of Voyager's relatively antique radar set or the less defined spray of smaller dots showing intense rain squalls in the area.

    At night, aside from those ghostly green images g...

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    Jun 03, 2011

    Juanie Cochran

    That is what some reluctant admirers are calling accused tot killer Casey Anthony's relatively young and inexperienced Latino defense attorney Jose Baez. With just three years experience and a handful of meaningful trials at the time he got this huge case of a mother facing the death penalty for allegedly killing her two year old, the office of the Kissimmee Florida based defense attorney is toppe...

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    May 13, 2011

    With Friends Like Him

    Barack Obama is the first Latino president. Aside from the fact he could easily pass for Puerto Rican or Dominican because of everything from his complexion to his easy nature and physical grace, he was largely elected by the Latino community. Two out of three Hispanics voted for him, providing the margin of victory in key states Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, Colorado and elsewhere.

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    Apr 29, 2011

    Another Great Escape

    This is a story of two gut-wrenching escapes that crippled our grueling war against terror, perhaps irrevocably. I want to return soon to Latino-themed topics, but the significance of these critical events for our nation can not go unnoted.

    Perfectly executed and separated by almost ten years, history will view the two escapes as bookends of our futile effort in Afghanistan. I’ll r...

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    Apr 22, 2011

    There But For Fortune

    In war coverage, the difference between anecdote and tragedy is razor thin. Viewed from home, it all looks like a Bruce Willis film; the bullets and missiles cutting through the air near a reporter's head in battle are enormously entertaining as long as they don't hit. Even on the killing ground, there is an almost festive aspect to a near miss. "That was close," is often uttered with a ner...

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    Apr 15, 2011

    Libya's Lawrence

    Erica laughed when she told me about the Jon Stewart "Geraldo of Arabia" parody that he aired last week following my coverage of the fighting in Libya. "He doesn't know how much you'd love that!" She was right. I had just landed at JFK from Cairo and was soon pleasantly surprised that the normally snarky Stewart was respectful in his jokes. But I'm no Lawrence. Having read Michael Korda's current...

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    Apr 08, 2011

    Sympathy For The Devil

    Loathing their master, I admit to feeling sorry for the Gaddafi force attacking east from Brega toward Ashdabiya in the Libyan civil war. This is no longer the overwhelming armored column seeking to suppress the eastern rebellion. This is the desperate remnant of a battered army.

    Far from their western base, their supply line stretches along a single coastal road for 300...

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    Apr 01, 2011

    Brega II

    Looking back at the events of yesterday I now have certain clarity that the Libyan rebel army is the most ill-disciplined, inexperienced and unreliable I’ve ever seen in a combat situation. Their level of incompetence is so shocking the very notion of heavily arming them gives me nightmares of dudes walking around with machine guns looking to settle personal scores that have nothing to do with ...

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    Apr 01, 2011

    Brega, Libya

    A few miles past the west gate of Ashdabiya, the crucial crossroads town about 100 miles west of the rebel stronghold city of Benghazi there is a grim reminder that war kills from every direction. It’s the scene of that friendly fire tragedy that happened late Friday night in which 13 rebel fighters were obliterated by one of our allied aircraft. The charred remains of several vehicles are just...

  • Articles

    Apr 01, 2011


    In Libya after crossing the surreal Egyptian border. Between their arrival and departure buildings, a kind of No Man's Land has developed. Outside the buildings, crowded around the entrances scores of young black Africans push and scramble and yell for admittance. Wearing woolen caps, hoodies and soccer jerseys the mostly undocumented men are desperate for temporary travel papers. The bulk of the...

  • Articles

    Apr 01, 2011


    The further they are from the fighting, the more old men call energetically for war. It is as if they feel political bravado will make them seem brave. Now these armchair warriors are demanding that President Obama announce a plan to remove Colonel Muammar Gaddafi from power.

    It is not enough that our forces, without suffering a single casualty prevented a massacre of "horrific scale"...

  • Articles

    Mar 25, 2011

    The President Was Right To Go

    He didn't call it off. Despite partisan griping about the First Family's taking a ‘vacation' in Brazil, Chile and El Salvador at the same time the wheels were coming off in Japan and Libya, the president stuck to the plan: a five-day, three-nation Latin American trip just concluded. Any other weekend, it was the kind of trip that would decorate television news with extravagant scenery and tale...

  • Articles

    Mar 18, 2011

    Japan Tsunami

    Even before the shaking stopped, I recognized it. "Earthquake," I answered my speechless wife Erica's wide-eyed, open-mouthed, but unasked question about what the hell was happening. It was the evening of December 27th, 2010 and a 5.4 magnitude shaker had just hit central Puerto Rico, about fifteen miles away, giving us a short sharp series of significant house-rattling jolts. Once things settled...

  • Articles

    Mar 04, 2011

    Poisonous Mutterings

    One grumbles about "the Jewish thing," blaming a cabal of Jewish reporters for his bad press. After a chance, late-night encounter in a Paris nightclub, another snarls at people who are or who look Jewish, "I love Hitler!" and, "Your mothers, your forefathers" would all be ‘gassed!' And in Hollywood the third does the guttural throat-clearing pronunciation, mockingly gargling the name ‘Chaim' ...

  • Articles

    Mar 04, 2011

    Dream Stealers

    One of my family's treasured memories and one of my proudest achievements is sailing Voyager around the world. That's why I bought the old ketch in 1995; to fulfill that ultimate dream of anyone who has ever sailed beyond the breakwater into the open sea.

    We departed Marion, the charming Massachusetts seafaring town on Buzzard's Bay in the summer of 1997; crossing the Atlantic, and t...

  • Articles

    Feb 18, 2011

    La Calle Sesame

    In September 2011, Sol Liliana Rivera our beloved five-year old will be among the four million other American children beginning kindergarten. Like the other members of her high school Class of 2023, she will nervously say good bye to her even more nervous mommy and daddy and take that giant step into the rest of her life. Stripped of the entire hi-tech, I-pad, interconnected world that will put a...

  • Articles

    Feb 04, 2011

    Tin Pots & Us

    Ask any Latino over 50; the Mubarak types were a dime a dozen South of the border. You could say we made the mold: the stereotypic strongman military officer who crushes democratic opposition, ditches the uniform, assumes the presidency, then rules forever or until his son can take over; most with the decisive support of the United States. Just since 1945, we backed 18 Latin American tin pot dicta...

  • Articles

    Jan 28, 2011

    Latino Teen Pregnancy

    "High School Pregnancy Pact Revealed! 90 girls either pregnant or have just delivered!" Stripped of that headline, the melancholy story of Frayser High School in Memphis is way too familiar. As we discovered last weekend during a ‘Geraldo-At-Large' probe of that high school in Tennessee, with its overwhelmingly poor, largely African-American student body, this urban district is coping with an e...

  • Articles

    Jan 21, 2011

    Jeb, Bill & Me

    Complete with finger-pointing and veins bulging, Bill O'Reilly and I had a memorable, televised confrontation over illegal immigration a couple years back. Downloaded hundreds of thousand times since, the clash was as close to a fist fight as I had ever been without a punch actually being thrown. Angry and filled with righteous wrath, Bill accused me of wanting border "anarchy." Just as mad, frust...

  • Articles

    Jan 14, 2011

    So What Happens Now

    Despite calls for civility, and reduced decibel politics, the debate rages loudly over whether accused mass murderer Jared Loughner was inspired, motivated, instigated and/or encouraged by the acrimonious political climate in Tucson and the rest of the country; or, was he simply an aberrant, insane, psychotic, sociopathic nut job who would have acted out violently even if he lived in Cape Cod or ...

  • Articles

    Nov 19, 2010

    Spanish Republicans

    On 'At-Large' last weekend, the Reverend Al Sharpton (a chronically under-rated civil rights leader and old friend), and I pondered an interesting question: should people who consider themselves progressive applaud the election of minorities who are conservatives? It came up when Reverend Al and I were talking about the sweeping victories in the mid-term elections of Hispanic Republicans, most pr...

  • Articles

    Oct 15, 2010

    The Latino Rising

    America is changing color in real time, and I'm not talking fall foliage. The just concluded U.S. Census estimates the population of Hispanic/Latino Americans surging toward fifty million. It is the nation's largest ethnic group. More broadly, the United States already has the second largest Latino population of any nation on Earth, trailing only Mexico and larger than Spain. Already more than 16%...

  • Articles

    Sep 03, 2010

    50 Highs & Lows From 40 Years In News

    Four decades in the news business. If I may say, that is an incredible run in a dynamic, exotic, wonderful, often important but frequently stressful and sometimes dangerous business that tends to wear out people more quickly.

    There aren’t many still standing who started in that tumultuous period during which the civil rights movement had collapsed into urban chaos; the endless wa...

  • Articles

    May 28, 2010

    Which Is Worse, Illegal Aliens Or The Gr

    What does it say about us as a nation and of our national leadership that we applaud the emergency deployment of the National Guard to assist in sealing our southern border from undocumented Mexican immigrants, at the same time scores of miles of the Louisiana Gulf Coast go unprotected from the billowing waves of oils now washing on shore? Which is the true calamity, and which is the product of we...

  • Articles

    May 21, 2010

    Down But Not Out In Edgewater

    Looking out at my trusty old sailboat Voyager riding comfortably on her mooring in front of my home, just down stream from the George Washington Bridge in Edgewater New Jersey, the fact hit me that I wasn't working on a weekend afternoon. Since 20001, Saturday has been a show day for 'Geraldo At Large', and this one is an especially pretty late-Spring day on the Hudson River, so I'm feeling guilt...

  • Articles

    Apr 16, 2010

    Afghanistan Trip

    Just back from my seventh wartime trip to Afghanistan since November 2001, there are some clear-cut comparisons. First, Kabul the capital is a vastly different city than it was when the war started. It is more than twice as big, five million now as compared to under three million then, and it is dotted by modern mid-rise buildings, festooned with billboards and other indicators of a vibrant busi...

  • Articles

    Nov 13, 2009

    The Big American Flag

    The big American flag flying over the sprawling New York Presbyterian Hospital complex in Washington Heights opposite my Edgewater New Jersey home was straight as iron, pointing left to right. A Nor-Easter was stiffening the banner, rustling the trees of Jay Hood Wright’s picturesque little park around the base of the buildings, including the famous Little Red Lighthouse and riling the great riv...

  • Articles

    Nov 06, 2009

    Fort Hood Massacre

    The massacre at Fort Hood Thursday afternoon curiously caused me to flashback to my childhood, rather than my experiences as a war correspondent. After my family moved during the 1950's 'Ozzie and Harriet' era from Brooklyn to West Babylon Long Island, becoming the neighborhood's first Latino family, my dad used to say a little prayer whenever there was a particularly notorious crime. "Please God ...

  • Articles

    May 01, 2009

    Two Hurricanes & A Funeral

    Like the coming of the president to the Cape and islands and the approaching hurricanes, the death of Senator Ted Kennedy was also widely forecast. Nevertheless the passing of the last son of Camelot had a deep impression on most Americans. Drafted off my boat by Bill O'Reilly for a last minute live-shot on the senator's life and times, I remembered on air how in 1973 a young Teddy was a young Ger...

  • Articles

    Aug 07, 2009

    He's Back

    It won't change much for either of them. The former governor of Alaska may stay marginally more in the public eye with her Twitter account, although she has lately been ignoring even that. But while Tweeting will help her in booking a likely and lucrative national speaking tour and perhaps land a cable news or radio talk show, (and I would love to have her as a colleague), it will not increase her...

  • Articles

    Feb 20, 2009

    ICE Immigration Raids

    An eruption of deadly ambushes, street shootings, home invasions, assassinations, kidnappings and decapitations has brought chaos to Mexican border towns from Juarez to Tijuana and apprehension and worse to American cities near the line. Since Mexican president Felipe Calderon deployed his army in 2006 to dismantle his nation’s all-powerful drug cartels, “over 8,000 casualties have been violen...

  • Articles

    May 30, 2008

    Secrety Chertoff, Call Off

    Driven by the most savage talk radio and cable news anti-immigrant propaganda campaign in our nation's history, the Department of Homeland Security has unleashed an unprecedented crackdown on undocumented workers. In an effort not seen since the panic unleashed by the Great Depression, federal law enforcement has been targeting technically illegal workers who have been long tolerated in industries...

  • Articles

    Apr 18, 2008

    Shame On Chertoff

    It was pathetic, overblown and deeply disrespectful of the pope. On the same day last week the Holy Father and President Bush issued a joint statement affirming the need to treat immigrants humanely, preposterously over-dressed, swat-armored federal agents were arresting 300 of them in raids at five chicken plants. Officials denied the timing was intentional, and claimed the lightening, simultaneo...

  • Articles

    Mar 21, 2008

    Iraq Five Years Later

    March 2007

    On assignment with the 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan in March 2003, we were a week late getting into Iraq. By the time we got there, the intense 'Shock and Awe' aerial bombardment that almost killed Saddam Hussein was over. It would have ended the war on the first day. But he escaped; the first of many missed opportunities that negatively altered the course of the ...

  • Articles

    Feb 29, 2008

    "Her Panic; Hillary's Alamo"

    from my book, 'His Panic'

    She is not the first to make a last stand in San Antonio and as dire as her peril, it was worse last time around. In 1836, 189 brave souls perished there after holding off the entire Mexican army for almost two weeks. Given the role the Battle of the Alamo played as one of American history's pivotal moments, it is perhaps ironic that most of the reside...

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    Feb 22, 2008

    Here Comes "His Panic"

    On Tuesday February 26th, my book about immigration and the Latino American experience is being published. Called "His Panic, Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S.," it is one of my proudest achievements because it exposes how the hysterical anti-immigration propaganda campaign that has infected our nation's political dialogue is based on lies and distortion, false statistics and race-baiting....

  • Articles

    Dec 07, 2007

    Parwan Province Afghanistan

    Salang Tunnel

    Of all the public works projects completed here in Afghanistan with US and foreign assistance over the last six years, none was more impressive to me than the strategic Salang tunnel. Originally built in 1964 by the Soviets, during their ill-fated invasion to rescue the local communist government and take over the country in 1979, they used it to help move their tanks a...

  • Articles

    Dec 06, 2007

    Kite Runner Hill

    Kabul, Afghanistan

    When I got to Kabul just after it was liberated in 2001, one of the first things I saw were the thousands of kids flying their brightly colored, handmade paper kites. Now, American movie goers are getting that same look inside Afghanistan’s history and culture with the new movie called Kite Runner, based on the best-selling novel by Khaled H...

  • Articles

    Dec 05, 2007

    The Serena Hotel

    Kabul, Afghanistan

    On Wednesday morning December 5th, my first here in the Afghan capital, I was awakened by the sound of sirens. The phone rang in my hotel room a couple of minutes later and it was Akbar Shinwari my old friend here in Kabul telling me that there had just been another suicide bombing, the third in the last eight days. Shades of Baghdad in the bad old days before the s...

  • Articles

    Dec 04, 2007

    Bagram II

    We're about to accompany the Bagram-based Provincial Reconstruction Team up to the Salang tunnel that once monumental wreck destroyed in one of the many different Afghan wars, whose rebuilding is said to symbolize a new Afghanistan. Before we leave, let me tell you a little about the team I travel with, veterans all of my various adventures.

    There's my younger, taller, better looking...

  • Articles

    Dec 04, 2007

    Bagram Air Base

    Outside Kabul, Afghanistan

    Flying into Kabul, this country's sprawling, dusty capital first provides one of the world's most spectacular sights, the soaring, seemingly endless Hindu Kush mountains. Sharp peaks, snow covered and breathtaking these 15-18,000 foot giants are mere half-sized foothills leading up to their awesome cousins the Himalayas a thousand miles east. The aircraft an...

  • Articles

    Dec 03, 2007

    Baghdad Airport

    About to leave this battered country, I'm struck by the fact that it widely defied my narrow expectations. While Iraq remains war-torn, the streets no longer run red with blood, the air isn't being split by bullets and the streets aren't erupting in violent blasts; at least those combat cliches are no where near as true as they were until just a couple of months ago.

    Sure there is the...

  • Articles

    Dec 01, 2007

    Sadr City, Iraq

    The worst neighborhood in Baghdad remains Sadr City where on a single day in October there were nine separate bombings. Now, here as elsewhere in this slowly recovering capital, our GI’s have learned to fight with concrete, lining the roads with the massive barriers to prevent snipers and I.E.D. attacks, those wicked booby traps that have been the cause of most of our casualties.


  • Articles

    Nov 29, 2007

    Al Rasheed, Baghdad

    The predominantly Sunni area around the Doura market has been Al Queda’s last stronghold in Southeast Baghdad, a grim and dusty enclave where in February, 553 sectarian murders were carried out, the bodies dumped sometimes among the few remaining open air stalls or the train tracks and road that runs through it. By November, the total number of homicides for this entire community of over a milli...

  • Articles

    Nov 27, 2007


    Iraq is a graveyard for optimism, but it is hard not to feel at least a tremor of hope after spending an afternoon like I just did, in a Baghdad neighborhood that was once one of the deadliest in this blood-soaked country. It is called Ameriyah, and to give you an example, last May 14 American soldiers were killed there in a series of attacks, seven in a single day. Al Queda was everywhere in this...

  • Articles

    Nov 26, 2007


    There is a bar in the "Cinco de Mayo," which passes for a Mexican restaurant in the Intercontinental Hotel here in the Jordanian capital. It provides a fascinating look into what the war in neighboring Iraq has wrought in this little kingdom . The food is more Arab than Mexican, the margaritas suck, and aside from the occasional local, usually a driver or fixer, the vast majority of patrons are ha...

  • Articles

    Nov 25, 2007

    Amman, Jordan

    En route to Iraq through the capital of this small, but important and moderate Arab nation whose King Abdullah has played a helpful role calming this region's turbulence and anti-Americanism. Like his dad, the late great King Hussein, Abdullah is reasonable, progressive and modern.

    Like Mubarak in Egypt, but unlike so many others in these parts, the King accepts our aid, without resor...

  • Articles

    Apr 20, 2007

    And So It Goes

    Sorry I've been so long away. Life gets so busy with so many public and private events competing for center stage in the heart and mind that it is easy to avoid doing the optional in favor of doing just the mandatory. And the less I write the more things pile up that I want to write about.

    Let's start with the death of the incomparable Kurt Vonnegut. Along with Rand, Forester, Tolstoy...

  • Articles

    Mar 30, 2007

    Marathon, Florida

    Saturday Night Live had a funny bit last night mocking the preoccupation of the news business with the Anna Nicole Smith story. They even mocked my old friend and highly regarded CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

    I don't make any apologies for the extensive media coverage. It follows, rather than creates audience interest. And in this intriguing case, there's plenty to grab your attention. Bu...

  • Articles

    Mar 16, 2007

    GOP Immigration Extremists

    Until the last election cycle, Republicans had a reasonable chance of becoming the permanent majority party in this country. But in the lead up to the November 2006 elections, the GOP was hijacked by extremists on the immigration issue.

    Led by candidates like Arizona's J.D. Hayworth, the party essentially adopted the position of the Minutemen and similar radical groups, which promulga...

  • Articles

    Mar 09, 2007

    Anna Nicole Update

    If a person tumbles down a staircase and dies as a result, the cause of death is say, a broken neck. But whether that person slipped on a banana peel or intentionally jumped or was pushed makes all the difference between an accident, a suicide or a murder. That, I think, is what's going on in the Anna Nicole case.

    On the verge of announcing the cause of Anna Nicole's death February 8...

  • Articles

    Mar 09, 2007

    Homeland Security Heist

    Given the historic reluctance among conservatives to expand the size of the federal government, one of the most ironic developments since 9/11 is how that catastrophe created the opening for perhaps the most egregious example of government waste, fraud and abuse ever, also know as the Department of Homeland Security.

    With politicians from both sides of the aisle waving the flag, and p...

  • Articles

    Mar 02, 2007

    Enterprise, Alabama

    Listen to Kayla Todd, one of the injured students describe what it was like when the twister hit her school. "The lights flickered off and they told all of us to just get down and the next thing I know everything-debris is flying everywhere. One hall the roof is completely caved-in and as far as I know, one of my friends was up under it and I'm just worried that she's not okay. But its just-it was...

  • Articles

    Feb 23, 2007

    Notes On A Circus

    Jack, a neighbor of mine over in New Jersey drove up as I stood outside, welcomed me home from Iraq, and then proceeded to blast the media for its obsession with those twin blonde disasters, dead and alive, Anna Nicole and Britney Spears.

    Jack, who’s kind of a typical every man, was especially scornful of the living twin, Britney, accusing her of being a grossly negligent mother. He...

  • Articles

    Feb 17, 2007

    Feb 17th Baghdad Update

    Camp Liberty
    Baghdad, Iraq
    February 17, 2007

    "I made Baghdad the top security priority," said President Bush Friday. "In other words, it is important in order to achieve our objective that the capital city of this grand country be secure. And I sent reinforcements to our troops, so they can accomplish that mission."

    The key is Baghdad. That's why the embattled...

  • Articles

    Feb 14, 2007

    Operation Law & Order

    Even as Congress continues its passionate debate over President Bush's surge of additional troops into Baghdad, Wednesday was the first day of what military leaders here in Iraq are calling Operation Law and Order...nine separate operations in every virtually corner of this war-torn capital.

    Working with the newly reorganized Iraqi Security Forces, Stopping traffic, setting roadblocks...

  • Articles

    Feb 10, 2007

    Back To Iraq

    My dear mother called me yesterday, with some heartfelt advice. "Don't take any helicopters when you're in Iraq." For the last 37 years, Mom's watched baby brother Craig and I go off to war, (he's 52!) comforted by the fact that we've always come home in one piece. But on the verge of this latest trip to Iraq on Monday, she, like every other mother with someone over there is worried about the ene...

  • Articles

    Jan 26, 2007

    Last Day Of Fox Network Show

    So today is our last day on the station you're currently watching. After a couple of weeks off, on February 10th the show is moving back to the Fox News Channel where it was the highest rated, weekend news show on cable. And while we'll be live and doing the same solid reporting, with much of the same team, I can't say I'm not saddened by the change.

    As they say in 'Dreamgirls', we ar...

  • Articles

    Jan 25, 2007

    Celebrity Rehab

    Let me start by saying I've never been in rehab, although I'm fairly certain counseling and therapy are legitimate tools to help some people control their demons. But I also have no doubt whatsoever that for increasing numbers of celebrities in trouble, rehab is being used as damage control. The latest example is that potty mouth from 'Grey's Anatomy'.

    43-year old Isaiah Washington ha...

  • Articles

    Feb 12, 2014

    Jose, Meet Ulysses

    In around 800 BC, Homer wrote “The Odyssey” the epic tale of a man named Ulysses cast adrift on an impossible, storm-tossed adventure. “By hook or by crook, this peril too shall be something that we remember,” Homer wrote. And there is no doubt we shall remember the perilous tale almost 3000 years later of the Pacific Survivor, 37-year old Jose Alvarenga.

    Heis home now, and li...

  • Articles

    Jan 24, 2007

    Role Models For Girls

    When I came into the office this morning, all the young guys were gathered around a computer watching the Internet's latest rage, a subscription based website called parisexposed.com. And I have to tell you that between that and the new Dakota Fanning movie featuring a child rape, what's a dad to do? The Paris website begins, "you've seen Paris Hilton the way she wants you to see her. You may have...

  • Articles

    Jan 23, 2007

    England Prostitute Slayings

    "Am I next?" With those words in her journal, one of the dozens of prostitutes alleged murdered and dismembered by a man accused of being Canada's largest ever serial killer, worried that she would be his next victim.

    If ever we needed evidence that prostitutes need some kind of protection, it's on grisly display up in Vancouver.
    Rick Frey's sister Marnie is one of dozens of re...

  • Articles

    Jan 22, 2007

    The Worst Of Times

    It is the worst of times in Iraq. With most Americans disapproving of the way the President’s handling the war, this has been one of the bloodiest weekends for American forces over there…a total of 27 GI’s dead in just two days, and at least 78 Iraqi civilians killed by two nearly simultaneous car bombings.

    For the President, the orgy of bloodshed in Iraq could not have come at ...

  • Articles

    Jan 17, 2007

    Missouri Kidnap Case

    The Kirkwood, Missouri miracle that saw two young kidnap victims returned to their families this weekend is the best ending to a crime story since Elizabeth Smart was rescued from the weirdoes who kidnapped her several years ago in Salt Lake City. And as with then 14-year old Elizabeth, one question many have is why these children don’t attempt to escape even when they have the chance?

  • Articles

    Jan 12, 2007

    Thoughts On The "Troop Surge"

    The President went on national television last night and made a stunning admission that since the dramatic elections a year ago, we've been going backwards not forward in Iraq.

    "We thought that these elections would bring the Iraqis together," he said. "But in 2006, the opposite happened. The violence in Iraq -- particularly in Baghdad -- overwhelmed the political gains the Iraqis ha...

  • Articles

    Jan 08, 2007

    NY Gas Smell

    On this rainy, gloomy Monday, millions of New Yorkers got a scare this morning when a pervasive smell of gas permeated most of midtown Manhattan. As thousands evacuated offices, including ours, news operations speculated on everything from a massive leak at the main refineries and pipelines located across the river in New Jersey, to a terrorist attack.

    On a dreary, humid, gray day, i...

  • Articles

    Jan 04, 2007

    Everyday Heroes

    In a world that can be selfish and hard, one of the most positive, life-affirming things is courage; the fireman who runs into the burning building, the lifeguard who saves the drowning child, the soldier who sacrifices everything for his comrades. And in some way, it's even more inspiring when the hero is just an average Joe; a regular guy who when push comes to shove, does exactly the right thi...

  • Articles

    Jan 03, 2007

    Death Comes In Threes

    Hi everybody. Happy New Year. You know, they say death comes in 3's, and over the holiday week, the world witnessed the passing of three leaders who could not have been more different - an accidental president, a sadistic tyrant and the godfather of soul.

    On this National Day of Mourning, the President and First Lady, three former Presidents, four former First Ladies, including one w...

  • Articles

    Dec 19, 2006

    A Father Of Girls

    I got an I-pod shuffle from an old friend for Christmas. He knows my family and me so well; he filled it with relevant songs. One hits so close to home, it's going to be my ring tone, it's 'The Father of Girls' by Perry Como. And it goes,

    "When you're the father of boys,
    How you worry,
    But when you're the father of girls,
    You do more than that,
    You pray!" ...

  • Articles

    Dec 13, 2006

    Prostitutes Murdered In England

    It may be the world's oldest profession, but it's also one of the most dangerous. Even as cops in New Jersey seek the serial killer of four hookers in Atlantic City, British police are dealing with someone they fear may be a new Jack the Ripper.

    "Everybody will have a view on working girls and prostitutes, but we mustn't forget these are young girls, they've got families and our thou...

  • Articles

    Dec 13, 2006

    Iran Holocaust Deniers

    What if a country run by a nut job got its hands on nuclear weapons? That's the scenario sending chills through world capitals when they think of Iran. And perhaps never has its nuttiness been more obvious than its so-called Conference to Debate the Nazi Extermination of Six Million Jews.

    Americans will be proud to know that we were represented by former Ku Klux Klanner David Duke, t...

  • Articles

    Dec 11, 2006

    Princess Diana

    One of the reasons some many of us refuse to believe that a lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, killed John F. Kennedy is that we just can't believe that a loser like Oswald could have destroyed the magical dream of Camelot.

    It's the same with Princess Diana. How could the gracious and elegant lady and her boyfriend Dodi die at the hands of a drunk driver?

    Perhaps their gl...

  • Articles

    Dec 04, 2006

    What's Bugging Me

    This was a quiet, family weekend; walks by the river with the dogs, shuttling the big girls to their various events, and spending quality time with baby Sol, our 16-month old who's the only one who'll watch football with me. The bad news about quiet weekends though, is that there's plenty of time to read everything, and get angry with a lot of it.

    Like the almost pointless prosecutio...

  • Articles

    Nov 30, 2006

    National Meth Day

    It is the war America can't win, and I'm not talking about Iraq. I am talking about the War on Drugs. After thirty-five years, about the only thing that's changed is the drug of the moment, and right now its Meth.

    The President declared today National Methamphetamine Awareness Day...and the Attorney General went on live television to recognize the sorry fact that nearly 12 million Am...

  • Articles

    Nov 29, 2006

    Celebrity Weddings & Divorce

    Even if it goes smoothly, divorce is one of life's most melancholy events. Those of us who have been through it know how sad the process can be. In some ways, it's like a death in the family; there's the admission of failure, the conflict and tension over money and property, the heartbreak and emotion of comforting the children and reassuring them that they're still loved.

    But given ...

  • Articles

    Nov 21, 2006

    Kramer Gone Crazy

    In this day and age when you mention racism, people tend to roll their eyes impatiently, as if it was a passe, been there, done that topic. But then you hear someone like TV's Kramer spontaneously spewing vile and hateful words, and you have to wonder how deep the poison still is.

    "You can talk, you can talk, you're brave now motherf**ker. Throw his ass out. He's a nigger! He's a nig...

  • Articles

    Nov 17, 2006

    Justice & The Race Card

    On Cape Cod yesterday, a garbage man was convicted of the rape and murder of a fashion writer stabbed to death in her home. The grievous crime was aggravated by the fact the woman's two-year old daughter was left alone for 36 hours. And when a concerned ex-boyfriend found her, the hungry child was trying to breast feed from her mother's dead body.

    The victim, 46-year old Crista Worth...

  • Articles

    Nov 08, 2006

    Dems Clean Up

    The Democratic wave that washed over American politics last night swamped several Republicans who tried to use the issue of illegal immigration to scare people into voting for them. I delighted to say they got their butts kicked.

    The rejection of the politics of reaction was evident almost everywhere, especially in Arizona where big, blustery GOP congressman J.D. Hayworth and conserv...

  • Articles

    Nov 07, 2006

    USS Intrepid

    The sun, the moon and the stars were all in alignment here in New York, yesterday. Unfortunately, nobody checked with Ole Man River. And so the USS Intrepid, the World War II era aircraft carrier scheduled to be moved, never left her dock on Manhattan's West Side. The ceremony began with Senator Hillary Clinton saying "Let us wish it a safe and successful journey."

    It's a good thing ...

  • Articles

    Nov 06, 2006

    Religous Hypocrites

    Almost fifty years ago, Burt Lancaster brilliantly portrayed a populist preacher named Elmer Gantry, a morally corrupt womanizer who realizes that his so-called religion brings unlimited opportunities to score money and babes galore.
    Created in a 1927 novel by Sinclair Lewis, the fictional Gantry's hypocritical misuse of religion is mirrored in real-life by whore-mongers like the Reverend Ji...

  • Articles

    Nov 03, 2006

    Racist Violence

    Violence by skinhead gangs is on the rise again. This alarming surge reverses a downward trend that began with a law enforcement crackdown on the gangs whose violence reached its peak in this country back in 1988. That's when I met up with them. The confrontation started with a question from the audience on my old daytime talk show exactly eighteen years ago, November 3, 1988.

    It end...

  • Articles

    Nov 02, 2006

    Negative Politics

    Next Tuesday's election day, so by Wednesday our televisions will finally be free of the vicious attack ads that have polluted the airwaves since the campaign season began. Maybe its because the race is so close. But seldom if ever has politics been as low down and dirty as this time around.

    Here's how ex-president Clinton summarized the GOP attack ads.
    "If you elect the Democr...

  • Articles

    Aug 23, 2013

    Race & Crime Reporting

    Conservative media was too quick to jump on the purported blackness of the kids who killed Christopher Lane, the Australian ballplayer shot in the back in Oklahoma. Rush Limbaugh insisted that the shooting was "Trayvon Martin in reverse." "Knowing the answer," Glenn Beck asked rhetorically whether mainstream liberal media bias was the reason for the lack of coverage of the race-angle in the Lane ...

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    Mar 03, 2014

    The Crisis Closer To Home

    Accepting his Oscar for best supporting actor at the Academy Awards Sunday night, Jared Leto showed more understanding than most politicians that dangers lurks around the corner, when he expressed support not only for the protestors in Ukraine, but also Venezuela. Washington is understandably focused on the crisis in Ukraine, where civil war threatens after Russian forces invaded that strategic Ce...

  • Articles

    Mar 17, 2014

    The Civil War Next Door

    It is just 520 miles from where I am writing this at my home on the south-coast of Puerto Rico to Caracas, the chaotic Venezuelan capital. That is less than 1/10 the distance from here to Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, which is 5,845 miles. Yet the troubling situation on the shores of the distant Black Sea continues to command far more media and political attention than the massive turmoil in near...

  • Articles

    May 15, 2014

    Jew Rican

    (From my speech May 14, 2014 at The Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey's Women's Philanthropy luncheon)

    Thank you all. So I’d like to talk about being Jewish in a Puerto Rican family by telling you the story of my Bar Mitzvah. First some interesting background. Lily Friedman, my mom, now 94 and the pride of Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida met my late dad Cruz Rivera of Bayamon, ...

  • Articles

    May 22, 2014

    Once Upon A Time In FARC-Landia

    We were running late, racing hard down a roughly-paved jungle road. Having just passed the last governmentcheckpoint, a rickety bridge where a gun battle five months before left eight dead, including a Colombian congressman, we were now in territory controlled by FARC, for Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia....

  • Articles

    May 30, 2014

    Geraldo's Commencement Speech

    Geraldo’s Commencement Speech
    Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Graduation
    College of Staten Island, (located on the grounds of the former Willowbrook State School)
    May 29, 2014

  • Articles

    Jun 20, 2014

    Suffer The Little Children

    Could you send her back? If it was your call, could you send a tired, dirty, hungry little 8-year old girl, who just got pulled from the Rio Grande River by a Border Patrol officer, back where she came from?
    Call her Maria. She got here by hitching a 1,400 mile ride on a freight train or on a rickety bus or in the company of an unscrupulous smuggler and she’s just walked across the last 4...

  • Articles

    Jul 18, 2014

    Just Do It

    From a speech at the New York Police Athletic League, whom support a wide array of inner city youth programs...

  • Articles

    Aug 01, 2014

    No Deportation Without Representation

    Shame on Matt Drudge. The owner/operator of the world’s most influential news-aggregating website, The Drudge Report has torn a page from the William Randolph Hearst yellow journalism playbook to fan the flames of public hysteria about the surge of undocumented children immigrating to the United States. ...

  • Articles

    Aug 15, 2014

    Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin: Spinni

    It is outrageous that we only found out now, nearly a week after the fact, that 18-year old Michael Brown, the kid tragically killed on the streets of Ferguson Missouri, met the description of a suspect in a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store obtained from a 911 call received at 11:51am on Saturday August 9. Ten minutes later, at 12:01pm, and just a ¼ mile away, Brown and his alleged accom...

  • Articles

    Aug 25, 2014

    Monday August 25th, 2014

    Happy Monday everybody. Hope all's well with you and yours.
    In the news, they bury Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri today, the unarmed teenager whose death-by-cop is being seen through the prism of race in America.
    Folks are increasingly choosing up sides in the Brown and similar cases based on their own stereotypes, revealing the utter depth of the racial chasm in our country.

  • Articles

    Aug 26, 2014

    Tuesday, August 26th 2014

    A Brown-faced Bill Clinton?
    2,500 mourners crowded the pews of the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Ferguson Mo. yesterday, to remember Michael Brown. The nation's civil rights leadership was all there, including two of the Rev. Martin Luther King's kids, Rev. Jesse Jackson, film-maker Spike Lee and Rev. Al Sharpton.
    Rev. Al led the way.
    As the nation's prominent blac...

  • Articles

    Aug 27, 2014

    Wednesday, August 27th 2014

    Another Reason to Legalize Pot
    Erica and I watched the predictable, plodding Emmys together; agreeing that the highlight was irrepressibly saucy Sarah Silverman's busty ebullient victory for her hilariously irreverent HBO special. Aside from her ample bosom, the funny lady was also the hit of the Red Carpet when she flashed her pot-filled Vape pen. She bragged on it, explaining that she has...

  • Articles

    Aug 28, 2014

    Thursday, August 28th 2014

    Like I always say, the 2nd Amendment, the provision that gives every American the right to keep and bear arms, is blind and stupid. In its relentless pimping for the gun industry, the NRA has unleashed an avalanche of deadly weapons on this gun-crazy country. Just as protects access to weapons for cops and hunters, it also protects access to weapons for domestic abusers, mental patients, jerk-offs...

  • Articles

    Aug 28, 2014

    Thursday, August 28th 2014 Pt 2

    And speaking of children, you know what else is obscene?
    The hysterical over-reaction to the 'surge' of unaccompanied immigrant children into this country. Here in New York, our state has the second highest number of these young recent immigrant arrivals (after Texas); 4,244 kids ages 17 and younger, some much younger have been sheltered and sponsored in the five boroughs and surrounding sub...

  • Articles

    Aug 29, 2014

    Friday, August 29th 2014

    Golf. That is what I thought of when the president made the utterly unguarded and alarming statement about our not having a strategy to deal with ISIS in Syria. Why didn’t he work harder over the last two or three months, instead of just hanging with his golf buddies? Even if he didn’t want to tip his hand to the enemy, it would have been more reassuring if our Commander-in-Chief had said some...

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    Sep 03, 2014

    Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

    Morning, One of the lessons you learn as a street reporter or war correspondent is that you never say, "go ahead and shoot me," to someone pointing a gun at you. That is what Jihadi John did when he decapitated our colleague and countryman Steven Sotloff. 'John' effectively dared the United States to go ahead and shoot ISIS. The despicable, sadistic wretch who cut Steve's head off, on camera, al...

  • Articles

    Sep 02, 2014

    Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

    The beheading of Steven Sotloff is further reason to declare war on ISIS. It is time for a Shock and Awe scale aerial strike against their main bases at Raqqa Syria and Mosul Iraq. We have far better reason for waging this fight than we did in 3/03. To demonstrate that we are not waging war on all Sunni Muslims, President Obama should attempt involving the air forces of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turk...

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    Sep 01, 2014

    Monday, September 1st 2014

    Is it anti-Semitic or self-hating for a proud American Jew/Zionist to say Israel's West Bank land grab last week is an arrogant, aggressive, sharp stick in the eye to the peace process? Isn't PM Netanyahu supposedly still committed to the two-state solution? If so, what legitimate purpose is served by expropriation of Palestinian land near Bethlehem to give to settlers from Broo...

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    Sep 08, 2014

    Monday, September 8th 2014

    Short night after Joan Rivers tribute on Fox Sunday. Now I'm back to 77WABCradio and trying to decide what the headline is for this morning. The great immigration disappointment is the story that really troubles me most, the president deciding to kick the problem down the road as millions continue living in limbo. On ISIS, the president seems to have finally found his way, but it was a struggle ...

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    Sep 05, 2014

    Friday, September 5th 2014

    Happy Friday. Hope all's well with you and yours.
    This Sunday at 9pm ET on Fox News, I'll be reporting on the passing of the queen of outrageous irreverence, my friend Joan Rivers. We'll remember her distinguished career, including the many shows we did together; we'll cover the facts and circumstances of her death, and probe why the hell an 81-year old woman was fully sedated with the power...

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    Sep 09, 2014

    Tuesday, September 9th 2014

    The shocking image of Baltimore Raven star Ray Rice's now wife Janay Palmer lying unconscious in the elevator door is proof positive of a deep, dark secret in big-time sports. Athletes get a pass when it comes to criminal conduct, especially against women, unless they also take drugs like marijuana. A powerful NFL running back, Rice could have easily killed Palmer, if her head had hit the elevato...

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    Sep 09, 2014

    Who/What Killed my friend Joan Rivers ?

    Erica, my wife and I were honored to attend the funeral of Joan Rivers Sunday, watching as the NYPD bagpipers played, and with tears mixed with laughter, New York and the Nation said good bye to our beloved X-Rated court jester. The whole town turned out. Howard Stern, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Donald Trump, Hugh Jackman and a list of notables remembered her outrageous wit. Joan and I were in...

  • Articles

    Sep 18, 2014

    Scotland: Will you be independent ?

    There is something on the down low that I suspect is helping propel Scotland's move to split from the UK. Because of obvious sensitivity, the issue is not much talked about in Scotland when referencing today's profound vote on separation. It is the changing face of England. How much of the desire of Scotland to split is motivated by that morphing racial, ethnic and religious reality in the rest of...

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    Sep 22, 2014

    Monday, September 22nd 2014

    Back from LA visiting handsome, brand new grandson Desi. Got to NYC in time for aftermath traffic from massive 300,000 protest vs. climate change, very impressive turnout. Skeptics point out that the crowd created pollution and piles of trash, still this is shaping up as the issue of the decade. Even 9-year old Sol is concerned. Then we turned up Madison Ave. and got hit by cop-created traffic fro...

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    Sep 23, 2014

    Tuesday, September 23rd 2014

    Bravo Mr. President. Better late than never. Our Peace In Our Time President has recognized the imminent threat posed by ISIS and other Sunni extremist gangs. With a brilliantly wrought coalition that includes six Sunni Arab nations, he has finally unleashed the might of the United States and has hit the savages who beheaded our countrymen. Death from above. Let the monsters know the consequences ...

  • Articles

    Sep 24, 2014

    Wednesday, September 24th 2014

    Like many Jewish families, mine has been distressed by the rise in malignant Anti-Semitism of the sort chronicled today in the New York Times. The excellent in-depth report by Jim Yardley cites the virulent intensity of the hatred directed at Jews in France, Germany and other European nations. The report is particularly welcomed because the authoritative newspaper of record is viewed with suspicio...

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    Sep 26, 2014

    Friday, September 26th 2014

    Attorney General Eric Holder's retirement will leave a gap in the Obama Administration. He was the only one with the guts and standing to confront the state of race relations, the single most egregiously unresolved domestic issue. As the nation's first black Attorney General he deserved better treatment than the blatantly political hatchet job/contempt citation crafted by Darryl Issa, the most bla...

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    Oct 02, 2014

    Thursday, October 2nd 2014

    The stock market got crushed yesterday by the huge sell-off of airline-related stocks. The theory is that the Ebola epidemic will negatively impact air travel. Maybe a temporary reduction in flights and heightened screening of passengers coming our way from the hot spots is a good thing. The experience of Thomas E. Duncan gives us little comfort. The first confirmed Ebola patient in the USA flew ...

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    Oct 06, 2014

    The Ebola Threat

    1-The threat of Ebola is real and present, and if we don’t crush it in Africa, then the Duncan situation will be multiplied. People infected will lie, cheat, and steal to get here to get life-saving treatment. We need those GI’s to go there and set up huge tents, with haz mat suits and all the appropriate gear. Absolutely no one gets on a plane without a seriously thorough physical and backgro...

  • Articles

    Oct 14, 2014

    Another Ebola Case

    With Dallas reeling and the rest of us watching worriedly, a second health care worker is diagnosed with Ebola. It's scary and the fear is it will be much worse before it gets better. But it will get better, at least in the modern world. Dr. William Schaffner the eminent Chair of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbilt Medical Center just reassured me that ZMapp, the experimental cocktail of 3 synthetic...

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    Oct 16, 2014


    As a traditional buy and hold Dow Jones Investor and a patriot, I woke up today with a headache and the worry that the market was in free fall. Our normally orderly nation seems on the brink of chaos, riddled with self-doubt. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says the world at large is threatened by twin plagues, Ebola and ISIS. With due respect to the president, he must bear part of the r...

  • Articles

    Oct 24, 2014

    Friday, October 24th 2014

    One note before the weekend: I Love Canada. Nothing in my remarks should be construed as insulting Canada or Canadians. I was a fan of Bob and Doug McKenzie, which is where I got the phrase Great White North. As I remember it referred to snow not race. Anyway, I love Canada. I have seen brave Canadians in Afghanistan. My sister has a house in Canada. My wife spent her childhood there in summer cam...

  • Articles

    Nov 10, 2014

    O (please) Canada

    First of all, please quote me honestly and calmly, and try not to resort to the self-serving, often obscene, sometimes racist ranting that your supposedly polite nation has rained down on me since my Facebook post, which alleged that “every Muslim extremist attack since 9/11 has come from the Northern not the Southern border.

    Tens of thousands of you, including Pam Lambo the ...

Geraldo's special report on Elvis At 80 is coming soon to the Fox News Channel...Check back for updates!