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U.S. Hostages, Jeffrey Dahmer
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“Another silence of the lambs, but this one is real.  It stars accused urban cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and the man he had marked as his 18th victim.”

“He told me I wouldn’t leave town when he ate a piece of my heart I would be a part of him, he would be a part of me.”

“Today, exclusive, the luckiest man in America retraces the footsteps that nearly led him to a horrible death.”

“I kicked him.  Kicked him in the face, and he just jumped back.  And I ran for the door.”

“Now It Can Be Told, the waking nightmare of The Man Who Got Away.”

“For the first time, the lost photos that launched a legend.  And the secret letter that tells the incredible story behind them.  You’ll meet Marilyn Monroe’s forgotten sister, and learn how Ronald Reagan unwittingly turned a factory girl, into a film goddess.  Now It Can Be Told, The Lost Picture Show.”

“Those stories later.  Up front today, the explosive middle east.  Once again we watch and we wait as the war of words between President Bush and the Butcher of Baghdad threatens to degenerate into bombs bullets and blood.  In the meantime the fate of the 10 western hostages held in Lebanon hangs in the balance.  After much speculation that they were about to be released, the pro-Iranian kidnap faction announced the other day that the cruel captivity would continue.  At least until Israel frees more of its Arab prisoners.  But just where exactly are our people, and exactly who’s holding them?  Now It Can Be Told.”

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