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Scrapple in the Apple

“Here now ringside for the Scrapple in the Apple.  We are moments away, let me introduce everyone who’s in the room with me, first of all Len Berman will be calling the fight tonight, isn’t that right Len?”  “That is correct.”  “It is a pleasure to have you here.”  “It is a pleasure to be here, this is very exciting.  You have a…there’s not a seat available.”  “Right, everything is sold out and a lot of the money, in fact all of the money raised today, is going to the mentally retarded, which is a charity of Geraldo Rivera’s.  And also, sitting with us up on stage is Michael Speaks, the champ, Michael who are you calling in the fight?”  “Well, I’m going with the big man.”  “I see.  Would that be Len Berman or me?”  (laughter)  “That’s Frankie.”  “I see, you’re going with Frank Stallone..”

At Howard Stern’s urging, Geraldo boxed fellow celebrity Frank Stallone, who had at least 24 fights under his belt. Both men are in their 40s in this fight and it’s a good one. They followed the rules of the gym, Kingsway Fitness Center NYC, with appropriate head gear and 16oz gloves. After a tough three rounds; 30-26, 30-26, 29-28, the fight was awarded to Stallone. Onlookers included Howard Stern, Michael Spence, Len Berman and more. Proceeds, totaling over $10,000, went to Geraldo’s charity for the mentally disabled.

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