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Price of Privilege

This show, ‘Children Of Notoriety — The Price Of Privilege’ focuses on the effect of the limelight on famous children. Does it make it easier, or does the fame and fortune pave the way? Guests in studio include Kalia Ali, daughter of Mohammed Ali, Melissa Rivers, daughter of Joan Rivers, Tom Liddy, son of G. Gordon Liddy, Francesca Hilton, daughter of Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mickey Rooney Jr., son of Mickey Rooney and Patricia, daughter of Representative Leo Ryan.

“Hollywood stars, professional athletes, and politicians all choose to live their lives out in the public spotlight.  The attention they get from their friends, their fans, and their enemies is all part of the price of celebrity, but what about their children?  Like it or not, they have to share that intense public scrutiny.  What price do they pay, for the unasked for privileges, of having public parents?  We’ll find out today when we talk with the daughter of the most recognizable man in the world, the daughter of a famous comedian, the son of a key figure in our country’s greatest political scandal, the daughter of a multi-millionaire hotel owner and of one of the finest most flamboyantly controversial actresses, the son of one of the most enduring stage and screen actors from the golden age of Hollywood, and the daughter of brutally murdered United States congressman.  Children of Notoriety, the Price of Privilege.  That’s the focus of this edition of Geraldo.”

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