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Makeover Madness

“Hi everybody welcome to the program.  Here’s the question, what do Kenny Rogers, Jane Fonda, Cher, Elvis, Joan Rivers, Nancy Reagan, David Duke..nazi and Melanie Griffith all share in common?  It’s not their politics, it’s plastic surgery.  From nose jobs to boobs from lipo to lips, all those folks have had some kind of surgical makeover and listen it is no longer just for the rich and famous.  Makeover madness is sweeping our country and today, right here, right now, you’re gonna see a brand new technique for instant facelifts that promises to spread this craze even further.”

Instant face-lift. In studio guests get this procedure during the show, using their own fat, which is a lot cheaper and more natural than the collagen technique. Joan Rivers comes on to discuss…can she convince Geraldo to take the plunge?

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