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Grindadrap, Bob Marley

Now It Can Be Told 13

“A peaceful paradise in the North Atlantic.  Steeped in Viking pride & tradition, now plunged into shame.  Unprotected Pilot whales slaughtered by villagers armed with knives and hooks.”

“You see this whale’s tale is thrashing desperately as it tries to escape from the pain.”

“Now It Can Be Told, the Tragedy of Blood Beach.”

“When reggae legend Bob Marley died a decade ago he left an estate worth as much as 35 million dollars.  He also left behind a wife, at least 4 mistresses, and eleven children.  Now they’re all fighting for a piece of Marley’s fortune, because there’s one thing he didn’t leave behind:  A will.”

“We’re gonna stay in this thing until every penny is finished.”

“Today, the battle of the Marleys’ Millions.”

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