Exposing Satan’s Underground

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Exposing Satan’s Underground

“Whether Satan exists is a matter of belief, but we are certain that Satanism exists.  To some it’s a religion.  To others it’s the practice of evil in the devil’s name.  It exists and it’s flourishing.  Members of our studio audience tonight will attest to that.  They are friends and foes of Satanism.  Devil worshippers and law enforcement, experts and victims.  They’ll help us understand this force that exalts evil and darkness.  We’ll be asking why.  Why does it exist?  Why does it appeal to so many vulnerable people, especially the young?  Now the very young and the impressionable should definitely not be watching this program tonight.  This is not a Halloween fable.  This is a real life horror story and will give small children bad dreams.  As for teenagers and their parents, we hope you are watching because it’s teenagers most likely to fall under the spell of this jumble of dark violent emotions called Satanism.  And in some cases, to be driven to committing terrible deeds.”

This program deals with devil worship and satanic beliefs.  It contains explicit scenes and descriptions of violent crimes and rituals.  Because of the program’s theme and controversial subject matter, parental discretion should be exercised.

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