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Baseball, Back Door to Cuba

Now It Can Be Told 38

“These are the ground rules.  I hook up with one guy a season, usually takes me a couple weeks to pick the guy.  Kind of my own Spring training..”

“Today, on the eve of the world series, the real hit & run plays.  The real stolen bases.  The real home runs.  The real strike-outs.  Now It Can Be Told, the hall of infamy.  How a strange new twist is turning baseball into the great un-American pastime.”

“It’s off limits to Americans, so how did these guys get into Cuba?”
“The people here are really friendly, and they really want us to have a good time.”
“These Caribbean runaways got there the same way we did, boy are they Havana a good time..”
“They want a place to rest, that I think Cuba is making an attempt to provide.”
“Now It Can Be Told, the Back Door to Cuba.”

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