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Cuban Refugees & Escape

Now It Can Be Told 75

“Today, I’ll patrol with the U.S. Coast Guard.  As you have never seen it before, the epic tragedy of two nations, whose people are literally dying to reach our shores.  That plus the forbidden side, of the forbidden island.  How the ladies of the night have invaded red Havana.”

“Castro calls them gusanos, worms, desperate Cubans determined to escape their homeland.”

“They’re either put in prison there or they die, in the attempt”

This fall Haitian boat people commandeered national headlines and some sympathy.  Thousands have fled Haiti and risked their lives to come to America.  Many have been snatched from the jaws of death by the Coast Guard.  And for years another group of refugees has braved the high seas in flimsy craft to risk life for a chance of freedom.  Cubans also dying to get to America.”

“Don’t do it.  It’s suicidal.”

“Now It Can Be Told, tempest tossed from teaming shores, Voyage of the Damned.”

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