Cuba with Fidel Castro

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Cuba with Fidel Castro

“Good morning and welcome to Havana harbor, where a Soviet freighter, one of many lies anchored waiting its turn to come into this busy port.  It’s symbolic I think that just a couple hundred yards away from that anchored Russian ship is this boarded up and melancholy looking building.  This ladies and gentlemen used to be the American embassy.  Since the Cuban revolution it’s been closed up, run just by the Swiss, but as you know times are changing and very soon, at least some Americans, will be coming back.”

On July 18th and 19th, in 1977, Geraldo went to Cuba for Good Morning America. While there he interviewed Fidel Castro, as well as got a chance to see the state of the island. The clip shows the closed American embassy, explaining that the Swiss represent American interests there, and also shows a Soviet ship in the harbor.

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