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Challenger Cover-Up

Now It Can Be Told 3

“The tragedy.”

“I regret that it wasn’t me in the suit, instead of Greg.”

“The scandal.”

“There was no explosion.  The astronauts…were medically alive for 2 minutes and 45 seconds after the shuttle broke up.”

“The shame.”

“They placed the remains in plastic garbage bags, and put them in a large plastic trash cans.  Put the lids on.”

“Today, the shocking expose of the Challenger disaster and the disgraceful cover-up, by NASA.”

“Maybe they did have a reason to conceal the bodies.”

“If NASA had wanted to find the crew capsule NASA could have found the crew capsule.”

“They went to great lengths to prevent the accident investigation.”

“But NASA could not prevent our investigation, and now, finally, we have the unspeakable answers, to the unaskable questions.  Why did it take NASA 6 weeks to find the bodies of the astronauts?  Why did NASA prevent the coroner from doing autopsies?  And could the astronauts have been saved?”

“All you want is a chance, and the shuttle crew had no chance whatsoever.”

“The tragedy, the scandal, and the shame, of the Challenger cover-up.”

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