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Celebrity Addicts Come Clean

“I’m going to name some celebrities right now and I want you to tell me what you think when I name them: Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli, Tony Curtis, Chevy Chase, Mary Tyler Moore and Johnny Cash.  No they’re not just names from Hollywood’s walk of fame they are all alumni of the Betty Ford Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center.  Six among thousands of other celebrities who for various reasons, fell into the clutches of dope’s killing embrace.  Eddy Fisher was for a time America’s heart-throb, a husband to Debby Reynolds and then Elizabeth Taylor.  He admits now that he was stoned for most of the last thirty years of his life.  And often as in many of these cases the source of Eddy’s drugs was often a doctor pushing pills or other prescription narcotics.  And remember Tai Babylonia and Randy Gardner?  Give them an applause.  The ice skating dream team for the United States. The next world champion and Olympic hopeful.  Well now Tai tells us how she was skating all that time on thin ice, the thin ice of drug and alcohol abuse and even attempted suicide.  You’ll hear from all our celebrity guests, and our other friends who are in the studio because Celebrity Addicts Come Clean, is the focus of this edition of Geraldo.”

This show talks about stars using and abusing prescription drugs, and when they come clean. Guests include Randy Gardner, Eddie Fisher, Cindy Adams, Tai Babilonia, Randy Gardner, Betty Lin, Christina Crawford, daughter of Joan Crawford, James Cocores MD and more. The drugs talked about here include Percodan, Ativan and Xanax.

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