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Arsenio Hall Show

“Geraldo, my next guest, is an award winning investigative journalist and he currently hosts his own talk show as well as the syndicated series, Now It Can Be Told.  Please welcome Geraldo Rivera.”

In this extensive interview, Arsenio quizzes Geraldo on all sorts of topics. The conversation starts with the riots and turbulence in Los Angeles at the time and frustration is vented on Daryl Gates, mayor of Los Angeles. Geraldo staunchly defends media coverage, and the interview wraps up noting Geraldo’s appearance in a Perry Mason movie the following night.

Take the Ride

Geraldo is opening his vast library of tapes for your entertainment and edification. He reserves all legal rights to this material, and it is not for rebroadcast without his prior written approval. Contact the Geraldo team today for information about licensing a video.