Talk Show

Geraldo is an American daytime television talk show hosted by Geraldo Rivera that aired in syndication from September 7, 1987, to June 12, 1998. The last two seasons aired under the title The Geraldo Rivera Show. The series was a production of Investigative News Group and distributed by Tribune Entertainment.

The American Fantasy

30 Jul 2000

Geraldo reports on the latest generation gambling in and on Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the fastest growing city in America…

Hate Mongers

11 Nov 1998

The iconic Talk Show episode with guests John Metzger, Roy Innis, neo-nazis and more. Geraldo does an in-depth interview…

Who's the Daddy?

16 Sep 1997

"Autumn has spent her life, believing that this man, Mr. Cosby, is her father. A paternity suit at this point would do nothing…

Race & Injustice

29 Nov 1996

"Today's show is actually about two black men who's experiences with the criminal justice system have and will continue…

Celebrity News 18

17 Feb 1995

This episode of Celebrity News on the Geraldo show looks into scandal surrounding Johnny Cochran, with his common-law wife…

Beyond the Glitz

25 Feb 1994

"Hi everybody and welcome to our show, without further ado I would like you to meet some of the wildest, freakiest characters…

Klub Kidz '92

09 Nov 1992

Is this next generation of club kids wilder & freaker than the first? Mom & Dad, look out..

Elvis Mania

14 Aug 1992

"It's been 15 years since the real king played his final performance passing into rock and roll heaven as you know on August…

Hired Help Tells All

24 Jul 1992

On July 24, 1992 "Servants to the Stars" aired, featuring groundbreaking interviews with the assistants and people surrounding…