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Latest Article

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 25, 2015

    Trump August 25th..

    My friend and former Celebrity Apprentice boss Donald Trump is giving former Florida governor Jeb Bush the business over Jeb's awkward defense of his use of the term "anchor babies."
    Thing is, in a way Jeb is correct.
    The majority of birth tourism is Asian in origin; relatively affluent, pregnant Chinese (and Russian) women obtaining legal visas near the end of their term, then coming here to give birth to American citizen babies, a...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 26, 2015

    Trump Hits Close To ..

    Donald Trump is a swaggering, proud, thin-skinned and arrogant man obsessed with otherwise legitimate issues like undocumented immigrants and Chinese and Mexican commercial dumping in American markets. He is also a man whose incendiary reaction to perceived criticism is raw and brutal. Take a shot at Trump, however justified or fact-based, and the billionaire businessman responds rapidly and with disproportionate, devastating force.
    On Mon...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 27, 2015

    14th Amendment Augus..

    Good Morning from NYC where I’m thinking about the current political debate over the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Specifically, it occurs to me that the furor is focused on the wrong Amendment.
    What we should be debating is whether the 2nd Amendment really gives even dirt-bag nut-jobs like the Virginia TV shooter Vester Lee Flanagan II, the right to keep and bear arms.
    Another thought occurred when I walked from my morn...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 28, 2015

    Silent Majority..

    Donald Trump has re-incarnated Richard Nixon’s “Silent Majority,” the quietly disgruntled mass of angry, frustrated, mostly white voters whose smoldering resentment of government and society President Nixon stoked into blazing support. Nixon was able to stir sufficient fear of social change to generate energy among the then lethargic conservative base and easily win election and re-election.
    Back then, in the second half of the 1960...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 28, 2015

    Amending The Constit..

    Republicans say that if necessary we must alter the 14th Amendment to make clear that it does not convey “birthright citizenship” on all children born in the United States, regardless of circumstance.
    Donald Trump says that the Amendment, as presently construed by the courts, is not fair. Why, he asks, should a child qualify for all the rights and privileges appertaining to “real” citizens, if the kid’s Mexican or Chinese mother ...