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Sail To The Century With Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera Takes A Sail To The Century


Episode 1

The clock is ticking. We're less than six months away from the dawn of a new era! From Miami to Mozambique, people will be ringing in the New Year like they've never done before, celebrating in unique and momentous ways to usher in the next millennium.

Geraldo Rivera started his millennial journey two years ago. On July 30, 1997, Rivera, along with family, friends and crew, set sail aboard his classic 70-foot aluminum ketch called Voyager and embarked on an epic voyage around the world. The journey will culminate at precisely midnight on January 1, 2000, when the sailing vessel crosses the International Dateline and its passengeers will be among the first in the universe to welcome a new century. Travel Channel has captured the adventures of the Voyager in two one-hour specials, entitled Sail To The Century.

The first special highlights the beginning of the voyage and premiers mid-December. The second special will feature the building excitement as Voyager comes closer to the International Dateline and eventually reaches it on New Year's Eve. The second special will premiere in 1Q00, following an encore presentation of the first hour.

This journey is a very personal one for Rivera. Sail To The Century reveals a side of the newscaster few have seen before. Viewers share in intimate moments and see the deeply devoted family man as he bonds with his now 20-year-old son Gabriel, celebrates sister Sharon's 50th birthday, plays tooth fairy when his then 5-year-old daughter Isabella loses her first teeth, fights the Mediterranean storms with brothers Wilfredo and Craig, and relaxes with wife C.C. The exotic places visited and unique people met are, no doubt, unforgettable but the special time spent as family is priceless.

A passionate sailor, Rivera has begun the biggest adventure of his life. With a crew of veteran sea dogs to help navigate, the journey is filled with exhilaration and inspiration. Rivera and family have experienced extraordinary places and events, from schools of dolphin swimming along the ketch to crowds of wild monkeys at Gibraltar, from the casbahs of Tangier to the island paradise of Santorini. But there's more than prevailing winds and currents to brave on this quest. The crew was forced to bribe the Suez Canal officials with American cigarettes in exchange for passage. Voyager crossed the Red Sea with the Egyptian Navy chasing their wake, as US forces prepared to bomb Iraq. Each crew member and passenger had to take firearm practices for their own safety, before crossing the heavily-pirated Java Sea.

Balancing the great adventure with the increasing demands of a network newsman is not an easy task. Rivera is doing the journey in stages, in between covering news events, doing investigative reports, writing a book, and hosting two CNBC news programs, Rivera Live and Upfront Tonight. At a moment's notice, Rivera must be ready to dock at the nearest port, catch a plane and rush off to cover breaking news events. He has postponed the sailing itinerary to cover Princess Diana's death, the President's impeachment scandal, the Littleton shooting and the Kosovo crisis. When his news duties allow, the Skipper reunites with his beloved vessel and continues the odyssey.

Episode 2

As the year 2000 approaches, preparations are underway on Tonga, a small island in the South Pacific on the International Dateline. Geraldo will be there with family and friends to party with the King Of Tonga in a mega millennial New Year's celebration that will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Until then, the countdown continues...and the Voyager sails on...with more adventure, beauty, communion and enjoyment ahead of her.

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