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Latest Article

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 29, 2015

    Frontier Justice Pre..

    While I am delighted and relieved that no one else was hurt, neither civilian nor law enforcement during the 21 days David Sweat and Richard Matt were on the loose, there is also just a tiny bit of regret that the daring escapees didn’t end up on a beach somewhere in a random non-extradite-able beach in a galaxy far, far away.
    At least fugitive killer Richard Matt was wasted drunk when he ran into the crack SWAT Team from the U.S. Border ...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 30, 2015

    Tale Of Two Tough Gu..

    Both are strong, extremely competent men and neither is backing down from controversial issues that would have crushed lesser candidates. I’m talking about Donald Trump and Governor Chris Christie, two candidates for president cut from the same cloth. Both are proud, boisterous and favor unconventional styles that have served them well in their hugely successful public lives.
    Donald Trump assumed the mantle of his family’s real estate b...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 01, 2015

    Ann, Donald and me..

    Ann Coulter and I are locked in rhetorical combat over the truth or falsity of Donald Trump's draconian take of Mexican immigrants. By now everybody knows how the Donald's self-inflicted wound and reckless rhetoric incurred the wrath of most of the American Latino population. His wild generalizations about those immigrants being drug dealers and rapists was hurtful and has caused him no end of political and commercial blowback.
    When I criti...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 02, 2015

    Subway to Nowhere, B..

    Donald Trump began his personal re-invention and march toward civic greatness when he took over rehabilitation of the woeful Wollman Skating Rink, which had languished in a dilapidated condition for a decade. He completed the task in 3 months and under budget.
    He built soaring office towers where no one believed it possible. He created an entire neighborhood on the West Side of Manhattan and made a wonderful golf course out of a Bronx garb...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 03, 2015

    Happy Almost Birthda..

    Happy Day Before our country’s 239th birthday on July 4th, commemorating the day we shook off the harness of oppression and took our place in the family of nations.
    Now nearly unique in the world, we are a bastion of decency; an integrated society that welcomes the best and brightest from the four corners of the planet to come here to pursue freely the philosophy we call the American Dream.
    That’s why everybody wants to be Americ...