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Latest Article

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 20, 2015

    To My Friend Donald ..

    You owe all POW'S an explanation. You must apologize and tell them that you didn't mean what you seemed to say equating those who suffered the worst of war--captured and abused by the enemy--to a kind of second-rate GI.
    Tell us please my old TV boss that it was all a bad joke; that you lost your temper and never intended to insult John McCain's noble service to his country.
    A brave Naval aviator, shot down, five years a slave to abus...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 22, 2015

    Immigration And Abor..

    Of the things that truly irk me, one of the most egregious is how old men send young men to war. It is so easy to be an armchair hero when it is someone else who is putting his ass on the line.
    Another irksome phenomenon is how old men change their opinions on abortion.
    The younger and more sexually active we are, the more likely to support the procedure as a kind of last ditch birth control. The older we get, the more likely we are ...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 23, 2015

    Tunnels Vs. Walls..

    Seeing El Chapo's notorious prison escape tunnel makes clear how useless Donald Trump's proposed, multi-billion dollar, nearly 2,000 mile long wall along the nation's border with Mexico would be. Three-stories deep and a mile long, El Chapo's epic clandestine tunnel used by the notorious Drug fugitive to escape his nation's most secure prison, burrowed under fields and farms, even under a busy railroad.
    In the secret removal of over 2,000 ...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 27, 2015

    With Friends Like Th..

    It's hard when people you are proud to call your friend do or say things that are offensive and/or embarrassing. I've previously spoken out about how my brilliant, former boss on "Celebrity Apprentice" Donald Trump unnecessarily insulted the entire Mexican race including the 35 million Mexican Americans with his sloppy statements implying that all immigrants from Mexico are rapists and drug dealers. Although he has subsequently moderated those st...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 29, 2015

    Boxers Or Briefs..

    You can pity all the other frustrated Republicans struggling for attention in the crowded field. As they release policy statements the media focuses first on fake allegations concerning Donald Trump’s marital rape of his wife Ivana, which both deny. Today’s story is about his reaction when a rival lawyer wanted to pump her breasts during a heated deposition.
    What’s next whether Trump wears boxers or briefs?
    And with all the fo...