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Latest Article

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 24, 2015

    Baltimore's Coming D..

    The black cop who drove Freddie Gray's prison van, Officer Caesar Goodson is charged with 'Depraved Heart' Murder, which does not require intent to kill. The classic example is 'shooting a rifle at a passing train killing a passenger;' or a blind man trying to shoot an apple off someone's head with a bow and arrow and instead putting the arrow between the victim's eyes.
    You have to know that your action is so reckless that death is almost ...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 25, 2015

    June 25th..

    Today is about political correctness. Do you feel pressure to toe a certain line? And if you don’t or won’t are you hearing from family, friends or colleagues pressuring you to change your mind? I got a major dose of it during the Baltimore riots when I was accused of not being more sympathetic with a neighborhood trouble-maker who was harassing my live broadcast from the streets of West Baltimore.
    Just the other day in New York one we...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 26, 2015

    Needed: A Presidenti..

    President Obama has been on a roll lately, since giving that cool breezy pod cast interview following the Charleston Church massacre. By invoking the ‘N’ word and bringing the racial divide into sharper focus, the president is also basking in the Supreme Court’s dramatic 6-3 Ruling upholding Obamacare.
    But despite what I’m sure will be a great and stirring eulogy by him at services for Reverend Pinckney and the eight other victims o...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 29, 2015

    Frontier Justice Pre..

    While I am delighted and relieved that no one else was hurt, neither civilian nor law enforcement during the 21 days David Sweat and Richard Matt were on the loose, there is also just a tiny bit of regret that the daring escapees didn’t end up on a beach somewhere in a random non-extradite-able beach in a galaxy far, far away.
    At least fugitive killer Richard Matt was wasted drunk when he ran into the crack SWAT Team from the U.S. Border ...

  • by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 29, 2015

    Amigo, Hágame un Fa..

    My friend-for-life Donald Trump is surging in the presidential polls after his flamboyant and controversial campaign launch the week before last. There is so much to admire about Donald, an incredibly creative entrepreneur who has done more to re-make New York City than anyone in recent history. He said so many great and admirable things during his announcement that he dispelled many doubts and now is challenging Governor Jeb Bush for top spot in...